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Fire Alarm Systems


Whatever the environment and risk to be protected,

we can provide the most appropriate solution with

our range of conventional, twin and analogue

addressable systems. 

All systems comply with the following British

Standards: BS5839.


Cortech Fire & Security Systems ltd are certificated

and approved to BAFE SP203 for the following

BS5839 modules :


• Design
• Installation
• Commissioning/Handover
• Maintenance


Message for Electrical Design Consultants - should

you wish to utilise Cortech Fire & Security Systems Ltd 

for design purposes this service is free of charge.

(system values up to £150K.)


BS5839 makes reference to various sub divisions denoting

the type of system design such as P1 , P2 , L1 , L2 , L3 , L4 or L5 .

Cortech Fire & Security Systems Ltd always carry out a fire risk

assessment survey (unless the system has been specifically

specified by other qualified parties), enabling the type of system

to be decided and agreed with the customer.
A design statement is produced in this regard.


Nearly all Fire Systems Designs require a comprehensive list of variations to BS5839 which detail subtle customer specific related requirements and again this is agreed with the customer , during the installation process this list may be added to, upon completion the agreed list becomes part of the Certificate of Compliance.


System Design Proposals


Normally the following documentation is made available:


• Letter of agreement detailing the cost of the system and expected maintenance costs,   together with a delivery period and contract period and comments regarding any assumptions made.

• Risk Survey Report (if applicable).
• Full specification.
• Design Statement.
• Agreed Variations List.
• General layout plans, wiring plans, zone plans.
• Battery calculations.
• Loop design calculations (in the case of AADS Systems)
• Method statement (if required at proposal stage).
• Installation risk assessment statement (if required at proposal stage).


We also specialise in the upgrading of existing systems and take over maintenance



Analogue Addressable Intelligent Systems


Addressable intelligent fire alarm systems are flexible and easily programmable for a wide range of actions and have greater speed of identification and scope of control than conventional systems. For this reason addressable fire alarm systems are often the better solution for larger premises and more complex system requirements.

Conventional Systems   


Conventional fire alarm systems, in their various forms, have been around for many years and have changed little in that time in terms of technology although design and reliability have improved significantly. However, conventional systems are a well-proven technology protecting many hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. A conventional fire alarm system is often the natural choice for smaller businesses or where budget constraints exist.


Twin Systems


The same cabling (which is designed for prolonged operation during a fire) is used for alarm sounders, detectors and manual call points. This makes this system especially suitable for buildings, where it is difficult to conceal wiring, such as flat roofed buildings, or for replacing older systems, where the wiring is to be retained, or buildings of architectural merit, like churches and cathedrals.


Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers are a legal requirement in most premises. These are usually specified by the local fire planning authority.

We can supply and install new portable fire fighting equipment or take over the maintenance of your existing appliances.

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