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We regularly service the following types of



Security Systems


Police or customer response remote


Redcare, Redcare GSM, Dualcom, Dualcom

plus, Dualcom GSM, digital communicator and

modem types.


Commercial systems or domestic systems with

signalling are serviced every six months in accordance

with PD6662.


Domestic (audible only)


Domestic systems with signalling are serviced yearly in accordance with PD6662.


CCTV Video Surveillance Systems


Servicing is offered for these systems based on the NSI codes of practice and is generally yearly, unless specified otherwise by the customer (dependent on type, size and complexity)


Fire Alarm Systems


Conventional, twin, addressable Intelligent

These systems are serviced quarterly in accordance with BS5839 (or 2 times per annum after risk assessment)..


Nurse Call Systems


• Conventional hard wired systems
• Addressable systems

Servicing of these systems is offered on a 12 monthly basis. However most customers prefer to operate on a callout arrangement, as the systems are in use every day and the staff are usually fully aware of any problems that occur.


Emergency Lighting Systems


• Maintained and non-maintained conventional illuminaires
• Addressable systems


Emergency lighting is serviced six-monthly in accordance with BS5266.

Fire Fighting Equipment


Portable fire extinguishers are serviced yearly. Our customers should be aware that this element is provided by a qualified sub contractor who acts on our behalf and who has a close working arrangement with us.


Maintenance Work and Reporting


Maintenance visits are pre-scheduled by our sophisticated, computerised management system. This produces engineer preventative maintenance records (PMR) on a monthly basis. Our administration staff then contact customers to arrange mutually convenient appointments to carry out the work.


All completed PMRs are filed and the details are transferred to our management system. This ensures that we always have two copies of historical event information to hand.


Please note all security work is invoiced yearly in advance, in accordance with agreements. All other maintenance work is invoiced after the work has been carried out and is supported by an authorised PMR, a copy of which is attached to the Invoice.


When our engineers identify problems or failures, the problem is detailed on a PMR, which the authorised representative on the customer’s site is asked to sign, thereby becoming aware of the problem. A copy is left on site. A repair strategy with a cost estimate is raised. This is issued to the customer with a request for permission to proceed with the repair. The repair work will not be carried out unless we receive written authorisation to do so. This has proven to be a popular arrangement with our existing customers and ensures that customers are not landed with unexpected charges.


All repair work is carried using Corrective Service Records, which also follow the same management control as detailed above.

Kevin Scovell talks about Cortech's Maintenance Services

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