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All security systems are designed in accordance with PD662 having first carried out a risk assessment to establish the Grade and Signalling Type.


Generally, domestic or small commercial systems are classified as being compliant with PD6662 - Grade 2 - Notification type X - this essential is a local area alarm (X- includes an internal and external alarm sounder).


These systems can be hard-wired, wire free or a combination of both (typically called hybrid systems).


Remote Signalling Systems (for customer an / or Police Response) comply with PD6662 and BS8243.


These generally are Grade 2 also but the Notification type is B or C (notification type B is a single signal path only wheareas Notification type C is two differing signal paths such as telephone line / radio or broad band / radio), in addition these systems can be hard wired, wire free or a combination of both.


It is preferred where possible to always provide wired systems as this avoids detector / device battery changes every two years.


Maintenance Services


We not only service our own security systems, but can service systems installed by others.


Take Over Systems


We specialise in taking over and, where required, upgrading systems installed by others.




If you have requirements for a new system or require maintenance for an existing system please contact us - details are available at the bottom of this page or if you are unsure, we are happy to offer opinions and advice by telephone or via email.

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